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From leadership programs to video contests, find ways for your teen to grow in their relationship with Christ, their Catholic identity, and express their creativity.

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Got Graduating Teens?

Does your teen want to be a missionary?

Does your child want to give back what they have received? They can work as summer retreat missionaries through Chicago's Totus Tuus, or dive in for a full year with NET Ministries.

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Ski Trips, Kairos, March for Life, and more, there are many opportunities for teens to be active in their faith and have fun doing it around Chicagoland.

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dear parents,

Being the primary catechist of your child might be even more intimidating now that your child has grown into a teenager. As St. John Paul II said, and Pope Francis reiterates: Be not afraid! We at the Archdiocese of Chicago sincerely hope that our programs and initiatives can help you in your mission “set up the meeting place” between your teen and the Risen Christ.

Although new challenges in your relationships may be present, we encourage you as parents to continue to spend time in prayer and discussion about Jesus Christ and his Church with your teen. Now is the time when they are making our Catholic faith their own, and your gentle love and guidance will help them in that transition.

Below we have included a family prayer as well as some discussion questions about faith and life for you to discuss over dinner, coffee, or on your way back from Sunday Mass! We hope you enjoy!

Pray with your Teen:

A Family Prayer Starter from Loyola Press

Give us new eyes, Lord, to see our lives in the light of your love.
Too often our fear, neediness, anger, or hurt fog our vision.
Help us to see your providence in the glory of trees, lakes, and cloudless skies.
Help us to see your generosity in the many gifts we enjoy each day.
Help us to see your wisdom in the rhythm of the days, the weeks, the seasons, and the years.
Help us to see your image in the faces of everyone we meet and to know your goodness in the
joy and love we feel for one another.
We ask you this because we know you love us. Amen.

Questions for Discussion:
(parents are encouraged to answer first!)

• What is your favorite part of your Catholic faith?

• Share a moment when you encountered Jesus personally. What were you doing? What did Jesus do?

• Read John 6:25-71 (The Bread of Life Discourse) and talk about what it means that Jesus is sacramentally (truly) present in the Eucharist. How can the Eucharist strengthen your family?

• How can we as a family grow closer to God, knowing we each have our own spiritual relationships with Him?
(adapted from archden.org)

Marriage and Family

Being good parents often starts with having a healthy marriage - a challenge all its own!

The Office of Family Ministries has many resources for couples, such as workshops, counseling, and lifelong marriage resources.

To go deeper, read John Paul II's Letter to Families.

Divorced? There's also help for you! Tambien en Español